Sex Reassignment Surgery

In these latter days due to the fact that the social stand and the status of transsexuals in our country has received the acknowledgment and has been legalized, the problem of sex realignment starts to attract more and more attention.

Transsexualism – is when a person realizes the  affiliation to the opposite sex, in spite of the right (relevant to genetic sex) formation of genital glands, genitourinary tract and secondary sexual characteristics. The beginning of psychosocial orientation formation is related to adolescence, that comes as the leading aspect and the focus in the diagnostics of transsexualism. Disorders of brain structures differentiation, responsible for sexual behavior, and first of all – hypothalamus lead to disorder of autoidentification and to the perception of affiliation to another sex.

Surgical sex affirmation is the only effectual measure of patients’ social adaptation, especially in “nuclear” bright forms.

“Nuclear” forms of transsexualism practically don’t depend at all upon micro - social sphere and without sex affirmation the “nuclear” forms are not yielded to adaptation. Otherwise, there is extremely high risk of prolonged depressed conditions, suicidal thoughts and tries.

In our clinical practice we have the following system of medicolegal expertise and surgical treatment of this group of patients:

  • Mental specialist – acknowledgement of the diagnosis;
  • Patient – replacement therapy and surgical treatment;
  • Endocrinologict;
  • Change of documents.

We have experience of surgical treatment of 86 patients, suffering from “nuclear” form of transsexualism, 69 of them were taken to hospital for masculinizing plasty, in other words for the affirmation of anatomically female sex to male and 17 patients were admitted for feminizing plasty, it means the affirmation of anatomically male sex to female. We perform surgical affirmation of sex in some stages and we begin the operating treatment in 4-8 months after the change of documents, that is the time of the so called pre-surgical adaptation period, prescribed by mental specialists.

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