Prosthesis Of Testicle

Implantation of testicular implant is one of the most widespread operation in andrology practice, connected with the prosthesis – esthetic result is practically consistent with the patient expectations, operation is easily-performed, risk is minimal.

The reasons of one or both testicles missing may be the following conditions:

  • Congenital absence of one or both testicles (monorchia or anorchia)
  • Cryptorchism (hidden testicle) – testicle doesn’t go down to scrotum and remains in abdominal canal and abdominal cavity.
  • Consequences of injuries, testicular torsion, inflammatory and virulent diseases, malignant tumor that led to necessity of surgical removal of testicle.
  • Consequences of failed pull-through operations on testicle at cryptorchism

As a rule, a remaining testicle takes the functions of both  testicles, and increases in size. Men with one normal testicle (monorchia) become fathers in most cases; they don’t need hormonal replacement therapy with the use of testosterone, because the remaining testicle carries a double load.

In case of both of them missing paternity is impossible and hormonal replacement therapy is prescribed.

There are some conditions that can increase the risk of prosthesis and lead to definite complications or even impossibility of prosthesis implantation. Virulent diseases and some inextirpable forms of cancer are among them.

Certainly, like any other operation, prosthesis of testicle requires good qualification and experience of a surgeon and has to be made in special clinic.

Operation is performed under local, general or spinal anesthesia. Duration of an operation is 30 minutes.

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