Penis Enlargement

One of the distinctive features of modern medicine is improvement of life quality; essential part of this notion is full sexual function that depends upon the quality of erection and appearance of genitals.

From a big number of inquiries and anonymous questionnaires we have learnt that the majority of men want to increase the size of penis for the following reasons:

  • enhancement of external attractiveness,
  • improvement of sexual relationship quality,
  • increase of self-esteem,
  • due to “checkroom syndrome”, when a man hesitates to undress in a shared shower room, sauna etc., considering that he has a small penis.

Among the methods of penis increase nominally there are the following methods distinguished: vacuum (increase with the help of a vacuum pump), tractional (method of protraction), and surgical methods. Let’s dwell on the mentioned methods.

Surgical ways of penis increase pursue few aims:

  • allongement of penis – we use original methodology,
  • thickening of penis – method of lipofilling, it means  the incision of the internal fat,
  • combination of allongement and thickening of penis,
  • correction of congenital malformations, regeneration after injuries.

Besides, we make prosthesis of penis by means of the special implants with the purpose of impotence treatment.

All operations are held under general anesthesia or peridural anesthesia.

In postoperative period it is necessary:

  • to wear suspensory underpants for 10 days
  • to wear wide drawers for 3-4 months, so penis is placed freely and moves forward due to it’s weight,
  • to keep from sexual activity for 6 months,
  • to avoid vast physical activities for a month. 

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