Intimate Plastic

Pregnancy and childbirth lead to changes in a woman's body. It could be applied not only to appearance, but also to a very important aspect such as intimate attractiveness. Childbirth, especially hard one are frequently accompanied by fractures of pelvic floor muscles, strong extension of tissues, forced surgical incision of the perineum. As a result, vagina loses the elasticity and becomes deformed. In this case, during sex the muscles of vagina don`t enfold the penis inserted into the vagina, resulting in difficult sex relations. This problem can not be solved with the help of non-surgical methods ("special" exercises).

Surgical correction - the vaginoplasty - restores normal size and elasticity of the vaginal muscles, thereby enabling the patient to lead a full sexual life.This operation is performed at a hospital, usually under general anesthesia.The recovery period lasts about one month, during this period you should avoid heavy physical exertion and sexual activity. This operation can also help in case of age-related changes of perineum tissues in women.

Another problem is the unshapely appearance of the genitals associated with hypertrophy of the labia minora. This problem is much more serious than it may seem at first glance to people who are far from medicine. Obsessive thoughts about the "ugliness" and painful shyness can lead to disruptions in the sexual life and psychological problems. This external unattractiveness of genitals can be both innate and developed with age or after pregnancy and childbirth. Because of the hypertrophy, labia minora are not covered by labia majora if compared to the normal anatomic structure. Such disharmony can also cause physical discomfort of the patient, such as the inability to wear certain model of underwear. The operation, which eliminates this drawback, - labiaplasty is carried out often under general anesthesia at the hospital, after the operation it is necessary to rest for a couple hours. During the surgery, the removal of excess tissue of the labia minora is conducted. The result is not only attractive appearance achieved, but also, if necessary, the access to the clitoris is improved, and thus orgasm is achieved more easily and sexual satisfaction women is increased. Rehabilitation period is approximately the same as after vaginoplasty: limiting physical activity and sexual activity up to 1 month.

Another very common operation in the female intimate surgery is hymenoplasty - it is the surgery to restore virginity.The reasons that patients come to this operation can be quite different - from religious to the desire to surprise and please to their permanent partner.This operation is carried out for a few weeks before the expected defloration.

Equally important and challenging section of plastic surgery is intimate surgery in men. For each representative of the stronger sex the bright sexual life and the ability to meet the partner are important. Sometimes different factors can impede this. Very often men, who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis, turn to plastic surgeon.In this case, increasing the phalloplasty comes to help. In our clinic, this operation is performed according to the author's method, allowing to achieve significant results. During lengthening phalloplasty by crossing of ligaments connecting the cavernous body with the pubic bone, the release of its own tissues and lengthening of the penis by a few centimeters occur. Thickening of a penis is possible by introducing a patient's own fat; this operation is called lipofilling. This completely eliminates the development of the organism's reaction to the introduction of foreign bodies and substances, and enables the patient to achieve the desired volume.

Suture removal is carried out in 10-12 days after surgery and rehabilitation period after lengthening phalloplasty is about 1 month, during this period you need to avoid heavy physical exertion and sexual activity, and also to make special exercises that promote the conservation of the achieved results. After lipofilling a long hospital stay is not required, and the patient can return to active life in a few weeks. It is possible to have a gradual increase of penis longwise and in thickness.

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