Regeneration Of Virginal Membrane (Hymenoplasty)

The main category of patients choosing such an operation are representatives of those nationalities (gypsies, Muslims), that even nowadays consider it a shame when a bride is already not a virgin. Such an operation for them is not a whim at all, but a necessity, a tribute to tradition. There is another category of patients – mainly they are wives of businessmen wishing to astonish their husbands. They make such a gift of virginity to a wedding anniversary or to another celebration. By the way, one husband liked such a surprise from his wife so much that she visited our clinic again.

Operation for virginity regeneration is not complex technically – petals of teared virginal membrane are stitched with thin suture material. We apply sedative therapy for patient so that they could not feel pain. Procedure lasts about half an hour and this very day a patient can go back home. Rehabilitation period goes painlessly and in a week a woman can appear in a new hypostasis in front of her husband or a lover. Naturally, it is easier to make such an operation at the age of 18-20 years, than at the age of 40, but in principle, you can regenerate virginity at any age.

Once, a 45 year-old woman came to me from the provincial town. With tears in her eyes she told that her husband demanded that she became a girl again after a long life together. He even threatened her that otherwise he would kick her out of the house alleging as his reason that he had married her when she wasn’t a virgin and then he wanted to experience the feeling of how it could be. We made this operation and her husband remained pleased. 

Now it is very popular have other operations of intimate surgery. For example correction of vulvar lips. Some women have small vulvar lips and they are hypertrophic and cause a lot of inconvenience to them. A woman can’t wear strings, feels herself awkward on a beach and sometimes such problem interferes into the normal sexual activity. Recently I operated a woman having significant labia minora – they hang down 5 centimeters long. Her husband advised her to resort to this operation. After the correction she felt herself very comfortable and her husband was pleased with the result. Although there are women, that value big size of vulvar lips, considering that it looks sexually and that they provide the additional stimulating factor. But in some time such dubious advantage begins to cause a lot of disturbance.

Frequently after childbearing a woman's vagina is extended significantly. That  occurs when childbearing causes big ruptures and the damage of muscles and skin. As a result sensibility is reduced significantly during sex and complications in reaching orgasm. Although in this case much depends upon women's satisfaction (clitoral, or her satisfaction zone is in vestibule of vagina). But in any case, man loses his satisfaction, when a woman's vagina significantly extends. In this case in order to renew normal sexual life a woman needs the operation of vagina reduction.

Such an operation is rather costly. It is closely connected and borders with the gynaecology. There the incisions are made in a vagina mucoid layers and muscular layers are cut down, as a result of this the female inward genitals are getting smaller. The sensitivity recovers and a woman as well as a man starts to get the satisfaction from the sexual life. The rehabilitation period lasts a month. During this period of time the muscles completely grow back together. A patient can get back to work in a week.

Sometimes it happens that a woman has such a narrow vagina that she can`t even get in sexual contact with a man. In that case she needs a surgical defloration. The vagina itself extends or expands, sometimes it is required even to move the coxofemoral bones.

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