Neck Lift Surgery

The neck is a very vulnerable place, it is a vulnerable place and it indicates your real age, so during rejuvenation operations on the face, one cannot forget about a neck. In this area three types of operations are conducted:

  • liposuction
  • resurfacing (grinding)
  • lifting

The combination of these operations are also possible.

The neck lifting is carried out (which is usually a part of face lifting) in conjunction with liposuction if the patient has transverse wrinkles on neck, pronounced chin, excess fat. The plastics of muscles and restore of the contour of the neck is performed if the patient has a pronounced chin and sagging of the longitudinal folds on the neck.

About the operation: The muscle, which ensures that the neck looked taut, is exposed to the main effects.The surgeon removes the excess of the muscle through a small incision (2-2.5cm), after which it becomes shorter; and he stitches it to the hyoid bone, so that in the future the muscle will be in good shape all the time and it doesn`t allow the skin to sag. In those cases when there is excess fat, liposuction is conducted simultaneously. The place of the cutting is chosen so that it could not be noticeable in the future.

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