Correction Of Nasolabial Folds, Lip Plumping, Plumping Of Zygomatic Region

Complex approach to correction of thin and deep wrinkles, folds, lips and form of a face.

There are hundred thousands of people in the world who get Restiline injections to correct age-related changes of face skin and lips form and volume. To the present time we offer new products especially for implantation under thin surface wrinkles and on the contrary for deep folds.

There are three materials Restiline, Restiline applied for thin wrinkles and Perline that is capable of solving the problems connected with the contour correction of skin facial profile.

All three materials are by nature of clear gel, that is administered to skin by injection. Their basis is formed with the unique product – stabilised non-animal hyaluronic acid. Scientifically grounded technology of getting hyaluronic acid provides the highest rate of materials safety. At the administration to skin hyaluronic acid lifts the skin surface by adding internal volume to tissues, due to that the wrinkles and folds align, the cheeks get volume alongside with the chin and lips.

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