Correction Of Expression Wrinkles

Obsolescence or aging begins with the upper third part of face. First there appear lines between eyebrows, horizontal lines in forehead area, eye-round wrinkles. Formation of eyebrows wrinkles and “crow’s feet” is connected with the activity of subjacent muscles, namely with mimic. Those are expression wrinkles. Process of obdolescence, genetically programmed and strengthened by extrinsic factors leads to vivid expression of them. The area of forehead, eyebrows and “crows feet” – is the zone where the expression wrinkles form and they require correction more often and as early as possible.

Injections of botulin toxin have been used since 1980. A wide use of this medical drug demonstrated its magnificent acceptability and high efficiency.

Disport – is the registered drug for women’s and men’s professional correction of expression wrinkles. Disport affects to small muscles under the skin, causes relaxation of tight muscles that lead to effacement of expression wrinkles and face wrinkles.

Procedure of drug injection Disport

Ambulatory, it takes about 10 minutes. The drug begins working in 2-3 days after the injection and reaches its maximum on the 14th day. It is desirable to repeat procedure 2-3 times a year for stable effect. In a few procedures with the use of Disport drug the vicious habit to frown and blink disappears.  So former rhytids and wrinkles perhaps won’t appear for a long time.

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