The Treatment Of The Varicose Veins

Nodulose dilation of superficial veins accompanied by thinning of walls, or varicosity is the most common disease of blood vessels. Vessels of the lower limbs are affected primarily, but superficial veins of upper limbs can also be affected or damaged. Today in our clinic, we provide conservative therapy such as injection (sclerosing) therapy, and surgical treatment of varicose veins by the electrosurgical method and using different types of operations.The choice of therapeutic measures depends on the nature of lesion veins, a stage of disease, patient's age and comorbidities.

The sclerotherapy of blood vessels is intravenous introduction of the sclerosant, then a burn of the inner coat of vessel develops followed by the sclerosing of the inflammation and veins, in other words they are glued. This method can be used to treat spider veins (telangiectasia) on the skin of a body and face.

The electrosurgical method: the essence of the method consists in introducing of mono active electrode in a vein modified by varicosity and there occurs the adhesion of vessel walls under the influence of low current. This method can be used to treat both modified veins and telangiectasias of a face and body.

The surgical treatment. Basically we perform operation such as a venectomy, that is the removal of protuberant varicosities  of saphenous vein along the entire length.

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