The Abdominoplasty And The Dermalipoplasty

First abdominoplasty was performed more than 100 years ago. Now this surgery is the only way to deal with a saggy abdomen, not only an excess of fatty tissue but also an excess of skin are removed, that kind of operation is not possible using only the liposuction of the abdomen area. Abdominoplasty is a plasty on the anterior abdominal wall; in our clinic, we also operate patients with mega abdomen (giant saggy abdomen).

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, a surgeon makes a longitudinal section below the navel, gradually separating and pulling the excess of skin and fat, and then the surgeon moves the navel to a new position and cuts off the excess of tissue. Sutures are imposed onto the skin, the abdomen becomes flat, and at the end of the operation, it is necessary to don a special supporting bandage.

The dermalipoplasty is a procedure used to remove the excess skin and fat from the abdomen; this operation strengthens the anterior abdominal wall additionally with local tissues and the abdomen becomes completely flat. Furthermore, dermalipoplasty can also be carried out for flabby and saggy skin on the inner thigh, arm.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Removal of the upper layers of the skin is performed on a flabby part of abdomen which must be removed.Then the surgeon performs liposuction in this area removing the fat. In the end only the connective tissue remains, which is between the fat cells; thenthe connective tissue is going to fold, the skin is stapled.This connective tissue is a "bandage" which forms a flat stomach and prevents the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall from sagging.

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